I am interested in biodiversity/nature conservation, particularly in interdisciplinary, multi-level approaches to making it effective. A natural scientist (zoologist/ecologist) by training, I am slowly gravitating towards the social sciences because protecting/improving the natural environment seldom succeeds without factoring in the human dimension. Still very much in the process of shaping my career aspirations, this site is a platform for me to voice out my thoughts on conservation, society, and whatever else plagues the average individual in surviving today’s world, as well as consolidate my interests. I have been blogging for a decade (spanning my teenage to approaching-adulthood years) on my personal blog and half of that on my nature blog, but have now decided to maintain just one site (this).

I intend to do a PhD in this field, when I have had more experience (and publications…). Meanwhile, I just aim to be a decent human being and try and make this world a better one. One of my goals in life is to one day, answer questions on StackExchange instead of asking questions.

Apart from my academic interests in biodiversity conservation, I am also generally interested in sustainability, society, socialism and most of all, being outdoors. I am an avid climber and enjoy being on mountains and by the sea.

You may contact me on Twitter @jocelynesze or email jocelyne[dot]sze[at]gmail[dot]com